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UBB and AEGON strengthen the collaboration between the University and the socio-economic environment

The Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca, through the Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology – STAR-UBB Institute (http://starubb.institute.ubbcluj.ro/) will implement, in the second half of the year 2017, together with AEGON company, a new active collaboration project between the academic and the socio-economic environment.

The collaboration will focus on defining the Romanians’ psycho-cultural mechanisms regarding the adoption of “insurances”, focusing on existing difficulties and viable modalities to overcome them, but also on existing opportunities and ways of using them for the benefit of people.

The project will last 5 months and will be implemented as an UBB-AEGON Advanced Fellowship within the STAR-UBB Institute, administratively run through the UBB Office for Management and Technological and Cognitive Transfer.

The initiative represents a new step in redefining the UBB’s relationship with the community and the socio-economic environment following the logic of advanced research and education universities (world-class), a redefinition that UBB has approached since the beginning of this year. Babeş-Bolyai University is thus designed as an advanced research university where the knowledge generated by research (research-development-innovation) forms the basis of both the educational act – in a humboldtian model of the transfer of knowledge in the modern logic of the process of learning –teaching through research / discovery, as well as services to the socio-economic environment – innovative and/or community/educational type (outreach).

With this new type of relationship, besides stimulating the traditional top-down approach (proposing services to the community and the socio-economic environment according to the available UBB expertise, matching or developing the needs of the beneficiary in innovative ways), the STAR-UBB Institute becomes an innovative services Hub in a bottom-up approach too – delivering innovative services solutions to the issues directly posed by the community and the socio-economic environment.

In both versions, services solutions do not only focus on solving existing problems but also on optimization and development. Such issues that are approachable in the bottom-up logic are complex and because they often overcome the beneficiary’s resources, they require a cutting-edge academic approach and integrated professional expertise. Through its consortia, UBB can mobilize the most advanced academic and professional expertise available not only internally and nationally but also internationally, thus offering the chance for innovative services solutions that will consequently support competitive advantages for the beneficiary in the community and the socio-economic environment.

In this new paradigm, UBB has already initiated a series of partnerships in the form of Advanced Fellowships developed within the STAR-UBB Institute, with national or international companies. Through the use of advanced innovative knowledge in solving complex practical problems, these partnerships are offering competitive advantages to the UBB collaborators.