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About STAR-UBB Institute

The Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology – STAR-UBB  Institute – is an institute of excellence at the Babeş-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca (UBB). STAR stands for Scientific and Technological Advanced Research.

Given the strategic aim institutionally assumed  by UBB, namely to be included in the Top 500 universities in the world, the STAR-UBB Institute is set to increase the visibility and the impact of UBB internationally and to  support and promote the experiences of internationalization for members of the academic community, in accordance with the UBB’s Charta, the Strategic Development Plan (2016-2020), the Strategy for Research-Development-Innovation of UBB (2016-2020), and according to the UBB ‘s Internationalization Strategy for 2015-2020.

Mission and Objectives

STAR-UBB Institute was established to ensure academic excellence and international competitiveness  for UBB, in order to define itself as an university with an international dimension (world-class).

The specific objectives of the STAR-UBB Institute are:

  • 1. to provide a platform for promoting the international competitive advantages of UBB, in order to attract international students/researchers/professors, international research grants, and to stimulate major international publications;
  • 2.  to identify, mobilize and support the academic excellence research units of the university, internationally competitive – smart specialization and transversal/complex specialization;
  • 3. to create  a platform that integrates smart specialization approaches in competitive multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches, in a multicultural context, in cooperation with the transversal/complex research units, using  UBB’s Strategic Research Infrastructure (UBB-rPlatform) to develop  new schools of science;
  • 4. to develop programs (UBB-Fellowship) for bringing in national and international top expertise for conferences, courses, advanced education, and research, with direct effects on increasing academic competitiveness of the UBB in the international academic area;
  • 5.  to draw in quality human resources (brain-gain) and internationally competitive scientific schools (including, where possible, in the form of cross-departments).

STAR-UBB Institute targets:  

  • educating a new generation of excellent students, postdoctoral researchers, and young researchers with exceptional performance;
  • the advanced academic excellence consisting of UBB’s professors and researchers, with national and international experience and relevance in the field;
  • UBB’s Strategic Research Infrastructure (UBB-rPlatform), an integrating part of the smart specialization units and of the complex research units;
  • UBB’s journals – indexed in Web of Science/Scopus -, which, along with other academic accomplishments, may establish  new  internationally competitive schools of science at UBB.

The STAR-UBB Institute is an academic setting, where, identifying, protecting, and preserving excellence provided by UBB’s faculties/colleges, it is further mobilized into major multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary projects and publications, aiming to attract competitive human and financial resources. The STAR-UBB Institute thus serves as a catalyst for excellence, subsequently distributed within the UBB faculties/colleges, without bureaucratic interference, according to the best international practices.

For more details, see here the STAR-UBB Institute Regulation, adopted by decision number 14385/2016 of UBB Senate.