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The “Academica” Virtual College of Excellence

The Academica Virtual College of Excellence (The Academica Invisible College) has two distinct units:

  • (1) Professors/researchers at UBB (e.g., winners of Yearly Award/Prizes of Excellence in Research/Teaching, the mentors of students from the Invisible College of Excellence in Mentored Research/CIECM) – UBB Top Scientists
    • The unit makes periodical presentations of the institutionally accomplished projects and holds advanced classes/tutorials (as well as in the ID-IFR system, in collaboration with the continuous training center of UBB) in internationally spoken languages – Coordinators: Professor Daniel David, Ph.D., Professor, Rudolf Graf, Ph.D., Associate professor Cristian Litan, Ph.D., and Associate professor Anna Soos, Ph.D., UBB vice-chancellors
      • In the academic year of 2016-2017, in December, UBB will award, through the STAR-UBB Institute, at least one Excellence Award/Prize in Research/Teaching for every UBB faculty/college, if the performance criteria established by the Scientific Board of UBB are met.
  • (2) International professors/researchers – UBB Advanced Fellowships
    • The unit is organized through UBB Advanced Fellowship grants of excellence, grants advanced for a well-defined period, for the organization of conferences/advanced courses/joint research – Coordinators: Professor Daniel David, Ph.D., UBB vice-chancellor, and the Scientific Council of UBB
      • In the academic year of 2016-2017, UBB will award, through the STAR-UBB Institute, 8 UBB Advanced Fellowships-External, to top researchers from the European Union and the USA. The winners of UBB Advanced Fellowships-External in 2016-2017 are:
    • The UBB Advanced Fellowships excellence grants can also be awarded to top professors/researchers from UBB and elsewhere in Romania (through a procedure approved and run by the Scientific Council of UBB), in sabbatical regime and/or associated to STAR-UBB Institute, for involvement in the functioning and/or in the activities of the Institute.
    • Some of the UBB Advanced Fellowships will be organized in partnership with socio-economic environment:
    • The advanced courses will aim not to address only transversal topics, as scientometrics, academic writing, ethics in science, etc., but also specialty topics.

The two units will conduct integrated actions, will be also inter-connected with those of the “Next Generation” Virtual College of Excellence, for the stimulation of mentored research and of learning through research, in the benefit of the students.