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The “Academica” Virtual College of Excellence

The Academica Virtual College of Excellence (The Academica Invisible College) has two distinct units:

  • (1) Professors/researchers at UBB (e.g., winners of Yearly Award/Prizes of Excellence in Research/Teaching, the mentors of students from the Invisible College of Excellence in Mentored Research/CIECM) – UBB Top Scientists
    • The unit makes periodical presentations of the institutionally accomplished projects and holds advanced classes/tutorials (as well as in the ID-IFR system, in collaboration with the continuous training center of UBB) in internationally spoken languages – Coordinators: Professor Daniel David, Ph.D., Professor, Rudolf Graf, Ph.D., Associate professor Cristian Litan, Ph.D., and Associate professor Anna Soos, Ph.D., UBB vice-chancellors
      • In the academic year of 2016-2017, in December, UBB will award, through the STAR-UBB Institute, at least one Excellence Award/Prize in Research/Teaching for every UBB faculty/college, if the performance criteria established by the Scientific Board of UBB are met.
  • (2) International professors/researchers – UBB Advanced Fellowships

The two units will conduct integrated actions, will be also inter-connected with those of the “Next Generation” Virtual College of Excellence, for the stimulation of mentored research and of learning through research, in the benefit of the students.