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Excellent Education

STAR-UBB Institute aims to increase the competitiveness of UBB at all its levels: (1) education (e.g., teaching and learning), (2) research, and (3) services to the community (cognitive and technology transfer/innovation and outreach).

As far as the education component (e.g., teaching and learning) is concerned, UBB, defined by the University Charter as an advanced research and education university (i.e., research-intensive university), needs to align with the top same-profile universities in the European Union (and the world). Indeed, education (e.g., teaching/learning) at UBB cannot be done in a high school paradigm or in that of local/regional universities, but must adopt the paradigm of world-class (research-intensive) universities.

The aim of the STAR-UBB Institute Excellent Education Program is to implement the recommendations made by LERU (Leagues of European Research Universities) in their Report Excellence in Research-Rich Universities (Position Paper – see below some of the main points).

The first project of the Program is Teaching and Learning in a Humboldtian (Research-Intensive) University. Thus, interested UBB teaching and research staff will be able to access institutional support in order to develop their educational abilities for the benefit of students. Indeed, in the logic of student-centred education, UBB students must have the chance to be trained as active citizens. That is to say, they must be able not only to reproduce declarative knowledge, but also to generate it (through research) and to use procedural knowledge creatively and pragmatically for the benefit of society. Colleagues who are interested in this opportunity can register at the UBB Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (part of the CFCIDFR), in October every year. The training program will take place in November every year.