The board of STAR-UBB Institute

The STAR-UBB Institute is led by a Board, composed of the UBB rector and UBB vice-chancellors.

The rector of UBB (Professor Daniel David) leads the Board of STAR-UBB Institute, and the vice-chancellor responsible for competitivity (Professor Bálint Markó) is the coordinator of the Institute. Part of the STAR-UBB Institute Board is also the UBB Senate president (Professor Florin Streteanu), as an observer.

The executive management of the STAR-UBB Institute consists of the scientific director – Professor Alexander Baumgarten (Faculty of History and Philosophy), the deputy executive director, Associate Professor Gabriela Brendea (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration), and the scientific secretary, Associate Professor Járai-Szabó Ferenc (Faculty of Physics).

The Scientific Council of UBB serves as an academic consulting forum for the STAR-UBB Institute Board. The activities of STAR-UBB Institute are in accordance with the UBB’s Administration Board and Senate procedures.

International academic personalities, particularly the ones who received the Doctor Honoris Causa title of UBB, were invited to take part in an International Consulting Board, which has the function of delivering (a) suggestions for the performance and development of STAR-UBB Institute and (b) international evaluation once every 4 years, on the basis of a STAR-UBB Institute’s Board report.