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With a view to building up the capacity for excellent research at Babeș-Bolyai University (UBB), the UBB Scientific Council (CS-UBB) and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (STAR-UBB) are launching International Advanced Fellowship applications in 2024 within the framework of the CNFIS-FDI-2024-F-0456 project.

The project is aimed at reinforcing Open Science (OS) approaches with a focus on the collection/generation of top level research data in the OS framework within the STAR-UBB-N network consisting of the STAR-UBB Institute and the research centres of excellence affiliated to the UBB Academic Schools of Science, including fostering human resource development by granting excellence-focused International Advanced Fellowships (IAF) for the development of (new) core or multi- and transdisciplinary research topics and projects relevant to OS.

  • Up to five (5) International Advanced Fellowships will be granted to prominent international researchers who are qualified to promote the development of open science multi- and trans-disciplinary research topics by collaborating with UBB laboratories and research centres;
  • Fellowships are awarded to top researchers (e.g. highly cited researchers, researchers from Top 500 universities, etc.) who, based on their submitted research topics, may significantly contribute to the development of UBB key strategic fields of expertise and of OS practices;
  • Running period of fellowships: 2 September – 29 November 2024;
  • Scholarships for each International Advanced Fellowship are granted for a duration of one month[1] and amount to 8,000 RON(which includes potential travel to UBB, accommodation, daily allowance, etc.);
  • Any institutionally accredited research unit  may recommend an outstanding teacher/researcher from an European/international prestigious institution, for a fellowship. Proposals aimed at strategic UBB RDI fields may be submitted directly by the CS-UBB Operations Council;
  • Applications will be submitted to CS-UBB from 12-28 of June 2024 by email to the Centre for the Management of Scientific Research (CMCS) at the following address (
  • Application file will include:

i) CV and a list of the applicant’s most relevant academic works (maximum 10 publications);

ii) The project proposal for the International Advanced Fellowship, maximum 3 pages, in free format; it should outline the activities to be carried out in the research unit recommending them, with an emphasis on the Open Science component. STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/ArtsHumanities/Mathematics) collaborations will be an advantage;

iii) Recommendation from the UBB institutionally accredited research unit (CS-UBB, respectively), indicating the extent to which the applicant will contribute to the development of new multi- and trans-disciplinary research topics and projects with an OS component in collaboration with UBB laboratories, centres or research institutes;

  • Following the implementation of the project at UBB level, each fellowship recipient is required to hold at least one conference/ scientific lecture/ seminar/ workshop (online/on-site), under the aegis of the STAR-UBB Institute/Network, on a research topic with an OS component carried out in one of the institutionally accredited research units or in a department of the UBB Academic Schools of Science, as well as drafting and submitting for publication at least one scientific paper in collaboration with an academic staff/researcher of UBB, covering core or multi/transdisciplinary scientific research topics relevant to OS practices;
  • Applications will be shortlisted by the CS-UBB Operations Council (based on the CV submitted and the list of relevant academic publications/contributions, the project proposal and the standing of the university/RDI unit).
Launch of the competitionJune 11, 2024
Submission of application filesJune 12-28, 2024
Eligibility check – application evaluationJuly 1-12, 2024
Informing the applicants of the preliminary evaluation resultsJuly 15, 2024
Receipt of appealsJuly 16, 2024
Information on the final results of the competitionJuly 19, 2024

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