UBB and EON Reality have decided to make the VR-Mind app available for psychologists

Babeș-Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca and EON Reality Inc. have decided to make the VR-Mind product available for the practitioners who choose to add it to their services portfolio. VR-Mind is an application for PC and virtual reality (VR) devices. It was designed for promoting mental health and preventing mental health problems or as an adjunctive treatment to standard intervention for emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. The app aims to train and/or retrain the human mind in order to prevent psychological disorders. UBB is currently using VR-Mind in applied and advanced research and as an innovative technology to deliver clinical services through the PsyTech University Clinic. The product is offered as a package, including both the application and the training course, available through the UBB-EON-XR-Center.


VR-Mind was developed based on fundamental and applied research in the clinical-cognitive sciences, showing the impact of cognitive distortions in developing and maintaining emotional problems (mainly depression and anxiety). These studies indicated that cognitive bias modification procedures might enhance the treatment of emotional issues. VR-Mind was developed to assess and modify the main types of cognitive biases that the literature has indicated as being relevant for depression and anxiety: (1) attentional bias, (2) interpretation bias and (3) memory bias.


The American company EON Reality Inc. is the world leader in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AVR)-based knowledge transfer for industry and education.


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