International Advanced Fellowships (FDI-0179)

In order to continue the programme of strengthening and supporting research excellence at Babes-Bolyai University (UBB), the Scientific Council of UBB (CS-UBB) and the Institute for Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (STAR-UBB) are launching in 2022 academic applications for Fellowships within the project CNFIS-FDI-2022-0179. The project aims to increase the impact of research within UBB’s Academic Schools of Science by awarding excellence-focused Postdoctoral Advanced Fellowships (PAF) and International Advanced Fellowships (IAF) to develop new inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research themes and projects and to conduct scientific studies and publications in collaboration with UBB researchers.

International Advanced Fellowships

  • Up to four (4) International Advanced Fellowships, targeting prestigious international researchers from abroad who contribute to the development of new inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary research themes and projects in collaboration with UBB laboratories, centers or research institutes (on-site or online, with a 6-month affiliation to UBB), for the production of multi- and transdisciplinary scientific studies and publications;
  • The fellowships are awarded to outstanding researchers (e.g. highly cited researchers, researchers from Top 500 universities, etc.) who, through their proposed research topics, contribute to the development of multi- and transdisciplinary research of excellence within the institutionally certified research units of UBB;
  • The fellowships will be carried out from September 1st to November 30th, 2022;
  • The scholarship for each International Advanced Fellowship is awarded for one month and is in the amount of 8000 RON (including the potential costs to travel to UBB, accommodation, per diem, etc.);
  • Each institutionally certified research unit may nominate an outstanding foreign academic/researcher for a fellowship. The CS-UBB Operational Board can also directly make a nomination covering UBB’s strategic RDI areas;
  • Applications must be submitted between June 2nd and June 10th, 2022 to the Centre for Research Management (CMCS), by e-mail to
  • The application file must contain:
  1. i) The CV in Europass format, including a list of relevant academic contributions of the candidate (maximum 10 publications);
  2. ii) The project for an International Advanced Fellowship, of maximum 3 pages, in free format; the project will describe the activities that are to be carried out in the nominating research unit. STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/ Arts & Humanities/Mathematics) collaborations are an advantage;

iii) The nomination from the institutionally certified UBB research unit (or CS-UBB), including a detailed explanation of the way in which candidates will contribute to the development of new multi- and transdisciplinary research themes and projects in collaboration with UBB laboratories, centers or research institutes; A nomination from a research unit of excellence is an advantage;

  • As a result of the implementation of the project at UBB, each fellowship recipient is required to organize (online/on-site), under the umbrella of the STAR-UBB Institute, at least one scientific conference/lecture/scientific seminar/workshop on a multi- or trans-disciplinary research topic carried out in one of the research units or departments of the UBB Academic Schools of Science, as well as to produce and submit for publication, in journals/proceedings indexed by WoS/Scopus/Erih+, at least one scientific paper in collaboration with a UBB researcher/teaching staff member, on multi- and transdisciplinary scientific research topics relevant to the UBB Academic Schools of Science.
  • The selection of applications will be made by the CS-UBB Operational Board/ Committee (taking into account the CV, the list of relevant academic publications/contributions, the project and the prestige of the foreign university/ research unit that the fellow comes from). An equitable distribution of fellowships among the UBB Academic Schools of Science will be taken into account.
  • Competition schedule:
Launch of the competitionMay 23rd, 2022
Submission of application filesJune 2nd  – June 10th 2022, 14:00 EEST
Eligibility check – application evaluationJune 14th  – 20th 2022
Informing the applicants of the preliminary evaluation resultsJune 21st – June 23rd 2022
Receipt of appealsJune 24th  2022, 14:00 EEST
Information on the final results of the competitionJune 28th -29th 2022