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Motto: Tradition and Excellence – Per Aspera Ad Astra!

The Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology – STAR-UBB Institute – is an institute of excellence, belonging to Babeș-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB).

UBB values all three academic components: (1) research (knowledge generation); (2) teaching (knowledge dissemination), and (3) services to community/economical environment (knowledge implementation). However, based on a humboldtian model, the research is at the core of all academic activity in UBB, thus generating modern interactive teaching (e.g., learning by research/discovery/critical thinking) and innovative services. In short, UBB is a humboldtian university (i.e., research-intensive university), centered on knowledge management by a strong partnership between professors and students, with a key innovative entrepreneurial component.

As a comprehensive university, UBB has a complex mission, aiming not only towards excellence – understood as advanced academic competitiveness, especially in the development of knowledge through scientific research -, but also towards a wide openness to society, in order to train responsible and socially active citizens. STAR-UBB Institute mobilizes and stimulates excellence in UBB, thus allowing other structures within UBB to focus on competitively accomplishing the other objectives of the university’s complex mission. More specifically stated, STAR-UBB Institute identifies, supports, and develops those components of UBB, which allow the university to be a competitive academic actor of excellence at an international level. The STAR-UBB Institute serves as a model and supplier of advanced academic practices, which then optimize the whole structure of UBB.

Therefore, taking into account the strategical aim that UBB institutionally committed itself to, namely that of being included among the top 500 universities in the world, and following the good international practices of world-class universities, the STAR-UBB Institute was founded in order to raise the visibility and impact of UBB at international level, and to support and promote the internationalizing experiences for our academic community members.

The STAR-UBB Institute is an academic setting, where, identifying, protecting, and preserving excellence provided by UBB’s faculties/colleges, it is further mobilized into major multi-, inter- and trans-disciplinary projects and publications, aiming to attract competitive human and financial resources. The STAR-UBB Institute thus serves as a catalyst for excellence within the UBB faculties/colleges, without bureaucratic interference, according to the best international practices.